CareToU Service Areas

An increase in the elderly population creates a demand for new healthcare delivery systems.

Now more than ever, senior citizens are struggling to find access to quality care.

We alleviate the challenge family members face when having to take time off from work to take their loved one(s) to a physician.

These organizations are eager to have CareToU come to their communities to provide medical services.

Retirement Communities, Senior Centers, and Assisted Living

CareToU collaborates with organizations associated with these locations to have a mobile unit participate onsite or at a planned event.

Individuals now have a convenient way to access new innovative treatments. 

Retail Locations, Churches, Large Public Events

Having a mobile clinic travel directly to the worksite for treatment provides advantages for both the employer and employee.

Employees can preserve their personal time off by decreasing their time spent out of the office.

Employers can save money on their self-insured plans and have the satisfaction of providing their employees with access to quality care.

Local Companies and the Workplace

“I have been going to a dermatologist for 20 years, and that was the best exam I have ever had.”

— Richard, Maravilla Scottsdale Senior Living